The dream

18 Apr

It was a cold night and and the time was 11:130pm,she laid on her bed with her blanket offering little warmth and then it happened….. his fingers brushed her thighs as he removed the blanket slowly,2 reveal her in transparent nighties(naked as usual)he unbuttoned her and stared,’oh God’, he thought,’ she is beautiful’..his mind thought of a million and 1 thing he wanted to do to her and his desire showed with the standing ovation between his legs. she stirred and opened her eyes and upon seeing him, said,’are you going to stand there all night watching me or or warming me?,she asked seductively….he smiled and said ‘follow my lead’….he picked her up and placed his cold soft lips on her left nipple…she moaned. Then he kissed her lips,down her neck,tickled her ears,down 2 her right breast and she gasped!..(deep breath oge),…he left her then and went to her fridge and came back with 3 ice cubes and placed 2 on her nipples, and 1 on her navel,she trembled as her whole body became cold and she cried out,’pls make a fire inside of me’..he smiled wickedly and said,’shhh,i’ll bring more warmth than a volcano,relax and follow my lead’ by then,the ice has melted,he sucked the water of her first breast and moved to the second,He kept sucking like his life depended on her firm breast…his fingers moved down to her cunt which was already WET,in and out he went with his fingers and left her dying for want of pleasure…then came his mouth,at the first suck,he raised his head and said,’you taste like an apple’…she only sighed and pushed his head back to where it was(btw her legs)…he sucked with his mouth and teased with his tongue for 5mins before she started maoning loudly and saying’don’t stop,i’m coming,i’m coming,i’m…and then she woke up,all sweaty and….alright,enough of this before i lose it!…

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