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Been on twitter and i have tweeted like 3times about de qualities you ‘must’ posess and i was like,’oge,why don’t you write to him’?….so,i picked up my phone and my brain,yeah,you heard right! And started writing this. Dear future husband, how are you this morning and how is your health?…anyway,i believe you are fine and in good health.i just had to write to you and hope i don’t sound ldesperate cause i am not expecting your proposal until like 7-8yrs from now.i know you are of an average height with a dark complexion,*giggles*….you will love football so much dat you will play it at home on a ps4(well,im hoping it will be invented then),take me with you for morning trainings on saturday with your friends and dedicate a goal to me everytime..oh!,how much i will swell with pride! And yes,you will be a manchester united fan!…*eyelashes*…we will only eat out 4 fun and not as a neccessity…did you just ask why?..well,i hate eating out!.imean why should i eat out when i can cook?.we will pick out 1 friday of everymonth to go clubbing,whether i am preggers or not!…and you are allowed to have your guys night out,female friends are allowed too but i must warn you that you shouldn’t take advantage of that fact!…ehen,the bedroom business…hmm,this is 1 important biz in our marriage o…please,you have to be a fantastic kisser and be great at giving head or else no BJ in the bedroom.and no,i am not threatening you,i’m just stating a FACT!…as for the issue of relatives visiting and all,i don’t have a problem with that as long as they can call 2 inform us that hey are coming,yes,the same applies to my relatives too…i have a question…can i have girls night out too?..anyway,don’t answer that now…i’m a tv freak,as in that is my first obsession,ia m telling you so,the remote wouldn’t cause a problem.errmwell,except the problem will end with a make up sex on the couch and then we will watch football naked together.and speaking of naked,here is an info,i sleep naked!..well,its not my fault,i’m just comfortable at night that siblings are used to it but my mum still nags about it..sometimes,she wakes me up at night just for me to wear my nightie…have i told you i love music and always see myself ona stage performig…i can rap,sing and dance!..i write lyrics too..the lyric comes once in a while and i pen them down..i have plans to audition for project fame this year and no,i haven’t recorded any song.why?..maybe cause i’m scraed of rejection.i know,stupid feeling,right?.anyway,i have written enough for now,if you happen to stumble upon this letter,i just want you to know that ‘I LOVE YOU’ …i will write to you more often and before i forget,OSAMA IS DEAD!

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